Oliver Haindl is known as a presenter, animator and animation artist for quick-witted entertainment, multilingual situational humour and charming presentations.


For business events and private parties.

Experience Oliver Haindl without make-up or in his roles as a comic waiter, caretaker, petty employee and small entrepreneur.

Performances in German, English, French, Italian.

about Oliver Haindl

His training comes from over two decades of experience as presenter, animation artist and actor. In more than 1700 appearances from Zurich to a Tibetan monastery in Lhasa, he has polished and refined his repertoire.


Foreign language proficiency
German, French, Italian, if you are inviting employees from all over Switzerland. 
English for international conventions and conferences.


Joined up thinking
Being well informed about the circumstances and aims of your company event is crucial to his work. Coupled with his broad general knowledge and common sense, this allows Oliver to make cross connections and create images that shed new light on already known facts and linger in the audience’s mind.