Oliver Haindl - presenter


Ideal for classic presentations and hosting… where humor is a welcome element but comedy is uncalled for.
It comprises: introductions of persons and issues, hosting of discussions during talk shows and conducting of on-stage interviews.

The guests are more important than the presenter, whose only props are his suit and tie (in contrast to the other figures and roles that are available). Instead, his tools are a sound knowledge of the subject and high presence and alertness as he is leading through the discussion.


Greater Zurich Area - Presentation, Chair in discussion
B.Braun Medical AG, Opening, Escholzmatt - Presentation
Annual Convention Engineers Hospital Swizerland IHS, Nottwil - Presentation
Annual Convention Swiss Association of Pediatric Dentistry, Berne - Presentation
Baublatt-Cup, Baublatt DocuMedia, Swissbau, Speaker
Elcodays Elco Switzerland- Presentation
100 Years of SAK St.Gallisch-Appenzellische Kraftwerke AG - Presentation
Swisscom Enterprise Customers - Presentation
150 Years of SAC Sektion Pilatus - Presentation
Swisscom Future Station, Härterei, Zurich - Talkshow
100 Years of Landi Maur - Presentation
eev Conference - Presentation
Swisscom and Microsoft 'so arbeitet man heute' - Presentation, Chair in discussion
Zurich Tourisme 'meet me in Zurich' - Chair in discussion
Swisscom SME eMarketing Business Box Pioneer Club - Presentation

OSKI - waiter

'more than meets the eye'

‹Is this guy for real?› is the central question during this subtle performance.
At first, he appears to be shy, then he surprises the audience with his quick-witted and playful side: there's more to this man than meets the eye! Guests initial irritation turns into heartfelt laughter. OSKI integrates himself into the team of waiters and supports them with his work.

Several hours of entertainment from the apéro to the desert culminating in a final show.


‹We heartily thank you for your compelling, very subtle and in all parts completely successful show during the whole evening. Your ability to grasp the various situations spontaneously and to apply a very fine tint of humor, has left us – as might have realized yourself – simply enthusiastic. Shortly: We have enjoyed it very much, enthusiasm on all corners and ends!› (Municipal council Stäfa: mayor and secretary)

‹You were the highlight of an evening successful all round. You are the main topic of conversation around the house – and more than a few are suffering from sore muscles in the belly region. – Our best of thanks again and we will gladly recommend you!› (Christmas dinner Swiss Life, F. Hofer Küffer)

‹Since last Friday evening you are the topic of conversation! You have enchanted us all as waiter Oski. Everyone is narrating stories about you and all have experienced something different. You have made our wedding an unforgettable evening. Many many thanks for it!› (private celebration Tschopp-Bigler)

Hans Bachmann - janitor

'A clean job'

Theme related. Multilingual. Witty. For conferences, seminars and workshops.

Hans Bachmann, our janitor (facility manager). With his hat and blue collar attire. A janitor's wagon trailing behind, he is just doing his job… on the surface.
In reality, in his role of a fringe figure, he is keenly observing what is happening, to step into the spotlight at the precisely right moment: subtly interfering with clever actions or topic-related comments. Spontaneously. Or he incorporates previously determined statements and issues - with a clever 'wrap up' at the end of the day. An external companion who acts as a stimulant and adds a touch of humor to the situation.

Be sure to contact us in advance.


Banking Day 2016, Swisscom

Swissgrid, All Hands (2015, 2016)

Swisscom, sme/cbu all ‹destinations›/‹dialogues› conferences (for 7 years)

Kant. Sozialdienst Aargau (2 days)

Swiss Federation of Midwives, annual conference

Patient Safety Foundation, intern. Congress, Basel

Julius Bär Group JBG, Senior Management Conference

Materials Day, DMATL, ETH Zurich

5th World Spirit Forum WSF, Arosa

Bank am Bellevue ‹BB meets Management Seminar›, Flims

Symposium on Privacy and Security ETH Zurich

CNT und Infonet (Roadshows in all of Switzerland, in 4 languages)

PricewaterhouseCoopers (diverse)

2nd Prostate Cancer Symposium

Herr H. Kellerhals - petty official

'A clerk for all occasions'

Mr Kellerhals is hardly seen in public anymore.
His only public appearances now are as speaker at August 1st festivities.

Bruno Weisskopf - entrepreneur

'The man in command'

In his function as new member of the board, Bruno Weisskopf leads through company anniversaries or corporate gala events.

Unexpect by everyone - guests, customers, employees  - he introduces himself as the new employee in a managing position, leads through the evening, sets the agenda and as a special treat, presents his new company strategy to the astonished audience. Together into a successful future!

Quiz Show "Was bin ich? - heiteres Beruferaten"

Or: Bruno Weisskopf moderates the quiz show „Was bin ich? – Heiteres Beruferaten.“ A one-hour interactive game show for employees and select customers or as a public event.


‹(…) Then the time had come for the big scene of Bruno Weisskopf alias Oliver Haindl. Much to the surprise of everyone present he introduced himself as new managing director. At first even the assistants thought that there actually a new chief stood before them, so convincing the comedian played his role. Wittily he subsequently led through the evening and was good for many a punchline. (…)› (AutoSuter)

Offer for Companies

Your aim is to

•    develop a new mission statement for your company

•    boost your team’s spirit
•    present a reorganization
•    provide continuing education for your employees and formulate new goals

and you are therefore planning a company event.


As presenter or host at

•    conventions und conferences
•    workshops

•    panel discussions

•    gala events

from the start, Oiver is at your side to develop a presentation concept with you and present the event: competently, to the point, with humor and in keeping with your philosophy and goals.

His experience as an actor allows him to take on certain roles (Weisskopf, Bachmann) in addition to the hosting, and thus convey messages in a simple and catchy way.